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Eliza Jane Schneider

Our Lead Coach

Eliza Jane Schneider is a noted and dialect coach, whose.clients include celebrities and Oscar® winners.

She has voiced eight regular series characters and hundreds of additional voices for the hit animated series South Park, and used the exclusive method she’s about to teach YOU for her roles in Finding Nemo, King of the Hill, Batman, The Cleveland Show, Assassin’s Creed, Lego Diminsions, Skylanders, and many.more.

Eliza has studied, recorded, and taught dialects at UCLA, AFTRA, and the SAG Conservatory at AFI Hollywood. She is also the creator of the Internet Dialect Database, for which she has traveled the globe to capture samples of authentic.dialects.


“The best resource I’ve ever seen… This class and Eliza’s amazing ear (along with her vast knowledge, compassion, patience, brilliance, and wonderfully sick sense of humor) is the best resource I’ve ever seen for dialect training. I’ve.used it several times on auditions and in the studio on live.bookings with great results.”


Steve Blum //  Prolific Character Voice Actor


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Isabella Morton


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